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Commercial HVAC Control Services

Pacific Air Control

    As experts in both the new construction and retrofit control markets, Pacific Air Control is here to satisfy all of your varying DDC Control needs. In addition to standard HVAC and Lighting control systems, Pacific Air Control provides you with many innovative control solutions such as:

  • 1.

    Variable Frequency Drive retrofits for variable air volume systems for increased efficiency and comfort.

  • 2.

    Alarm Dialer & Data Loggers for computer and clean rooms.

  • 3.

    Lead/Lag Controllers for even run times on HVAC equipment.

  • 4.

    Fresh air volume control in response to indoor CO levels for increased efficiency and comfort.

As both a mechanical and controls contractor, Pacific Air Control is uniquely qualified to insure that your control system is programmed and operated to ensure your equipment will be properly cycled to use energy efficiently, while maintaining tenant comfort and operating your equipment efficiently to keep mechanical failures to a minimum.

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"Pacific Air Controls control techs have demonstrated to be extremely capable during a recent variable frequency drive retrofit project where 48 single speed fan motors were replaced. They have also provided support for our one building with Reliable Controls and put together a front end graphics package which has greatly enhanced our ability to operate the building in the most efficient manner."

Charles Friend, Chief Engineer, Schnitzer West, LLC

Reliable Controls, Lynxspring & Tridium

Reliable Controls

We are proud to represent the "Reliable Controls" line for the Pacific Northwest. Reliable Controls product line gives us the ability to tailor the perfect DDC control system to suit your needs with a true non- proprietary system.

No longer are commercial facilities limited to proprietary control manufacturers and the high cost of retrofits or component replacement.

In business for over 30 years, Reliable Controls has established a complete line of fully programmable digital products to fulfill the toughest challenges in today's building automation and energy management arenas.

Reliable Controls Features

  • 1.

    Reliable Controls digital products are non-proprietary and will function with all generations of their controls from the earliest design to new controls on the drawing board.

  • 2.

    Their controllers have the ability to operate as stand-alone control or as part of a networked system and provide for peer-to-peer communications between controllers.

  • 3.

    Multiple ways to access your control system such as Internet, intranet, modem and direct access.

  • 4.

    Interface devices allow communication with major HVAC equipment manufacturer protocols such as McQuay-Microtec, York Talk XL, Carrier Data Link and Data Port.

  • 5.

    BACnet compatible with a comprehensive 5-year product warranty which is the best in the industry.

For more information on Reliable Controls products, visit their website at "Reliable Controls".

We are an authorized "Lynxspring" dealer that utilizes the "Tridium" control platform. This allows us to integrate with most all control systems, so you no longer have to replace your entire control system but can upgrade components within the system as needed.

  • Rick Graham
    Rick Graham
    DDC Specialist and Architect

    Rick has 30+ years with Pacific Air Control, Inc. And is the Senior DDC Controls Technician. He is skilled in layout, design, estimating, servicing, maintaining and troubleshooting large commercial HVAC systems. Rick specializes in hydronics and VAV applications and is responsible for design for all DDC Control projects.